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ART OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (AOIT) specializes in the delivery of high-quality network solutions and smart solutions that are customized to fit the needs of each client and each project we work on. Our team of dedicated project managers and engineers is capable of developing a wide range of IT, Telecommunication & low current system solutions from the multiple partners we work with. In each case, AOIT looks for the best solution to fit your requirement, budget, and schedule. AOIT’s focus on innovation as a system integrator means we are constantly updating technical capabilities to ensure the right balance of products and services for our clients which include oil & gas, banking, health care, education, construction, and other commercial sectors

what we do




Data Network

Is an electronic communication systems primarily based on the IEEE’s Ethernet standards and connects all enterprisers devices together


Security System

Is a fundamental building block within any IT network based on (IP) to ensure corporate and personal security safeguards are in place to protect confidentiality and availability.


Unified Communication

Is the Integration of all communication technology systems such as Messaging, E-mail, Voicemail and Video Conferencing all integrated using an IP Network system


Wireless Newtwork

AOIT provide IP-DECT wireless communications, which is cost efficient solution that combines the best of traditional thinking with all the promise of tomorrow.


Smart Solutions

An intelligent workplace is a key to better employee and customer experience. An intelligent workplace and the services supporting it may have an impact on cost-efficiency.


Data Center Facilities

AOIT Deploy business applications, data analytics and cloud solutions faster using proven data centre solutions, good experience and streamlined operations.


AI Solution

Marchwood Integrated provides IoT solutions for monitoring and control. We offer edge and cloud technologies to overcome challenges in industrial and commercial environments. Our standard mesh devices form a self-healing network for robust communication. Installation is simple with our 'Plug & Play' hardware.

Customer Benefits

  • Objective data to support decision-making
  • Cost-efficient and productive workplace
  • More motivated, healthy and committed employees
  • Agile and continuously evolving workplace
  • Muse about as a patch of light brain is the seed of intelligenceWorkplace supports changed working methods and culture
  • Easier and more efficient way of working


We work with you to turn your EA into the bridge between your business imperatives and the underlying ICT infrastructure. We offer the following services:
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  • Analysis, modelling and maturity assessment of existing EA. Design and deployment of an EA practice

  • EA framework implementation in line with methodologies & languages Establishment of EA governance and knowledge repository

  • Coaching and support to your enterprise architects. Support with setup of internal EA practice: policies and processes, organization, resources, communications and engagement.

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